Are you feeling stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed? Anxious, moody or unmotivated? Are you experiencing a weakened immune system, sensitive stomach or sleeping problems?

You know you need a change but life is spinning too quickly and you don’t what to do. Let’s find out how I can support to towards your dreams, while living a balanced and mindful life.

Why did I become a Wellness Coach?

I used to search for meaning in life by chasing perfectionism, achievements, a skinny body, material goods, relationships and external confirmation. Eventually, I had everything I ever wanted but still felt empty inside. I had to experience burnout in order to change my life and the way I relate to the my internal and external world. It all changed when I learnt how to nourish myself holistically. I wish I’ve had a Wellness Coach to take me through the journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, as it can be challenging on your own. This is why am now sharing my experience to help others along their paths to a sustainable life in balance and mindful living.

What do I mean by a life in balance and mindful living?

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I believe in holistic health and emphasise the connection between mind, body and soul. It doesn’t matter how much celery & kale juice you are drinking or what job title you have, if the rest of your life is out of tune. We will primarily explore your relationships, career, physical exercise and spiritual practice and secondary, review your eating habits. We strive towards balance in all areas of your life with a wholesome and compassionate approach.

Who are these coaching programs for?

Performance princesses. Ambitious women looking to pursue their dreams. “Good-Girls”. Curious souls ready for a life upgrade. Ladies that are ready for a change and move towards a healthier place in life.

You are ready for a change in your life and looking for guidance towards wellbeing. The coaching programs are especially designed to create a sustainable lifestyle and explore mindful living.

Three Coaching Programs

Within your initial consultation, we will review your wellness history and discuss your main concerns including any areas in your life which may be affecting your overall health and happiness. All programs have the same holistic health approach however each program will be tailored personal requirements, based on our wellness consultation. We will explore the underlying causes of your health concerns, create specific goals and decide on action steps towards a more balanced way of life. As a Wellness Coach, I am here as a supportive mentor to take you through individualised food & lifestyle changes, in your personalised wellness program.

There are three different ways to work with me. I offer both private coaching in an intensive 3-month program or 6-month program. I also offer group coaching. The sessions are online via Zoom or in-person.

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  • 6 months (12 sessions total)

  • Private bi-weekly 60 min sessions

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Exclusive mindfulness starting kit

  • Add on services available

  • Bonus: Tailored additional learning list including books, articles, podcasts and applications

  • Investment: $300/month for 6 months

Expect to gain

Clarity on your life
Stress management tools
Increased self-love
A daily mindfulness practice
Bio-individual nutritional guidelines
A healthier mind & body
Increased energy

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  • 3 months (12 sessions total)

  • Private weekly 60 min sessions

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Exclusive mindfulness starting kit

  • Add on services available

  • Bonus: Tailored additional learning list including books, articles, podcasts and applications

  • Investment: $800/month for three months

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  • 8 weeks (8 sessions total)

  • Weekly 75 min online sessions

  • Max 8 participants

  • Mindfulness starting kit

  • Add on services available

  • Bonus: Online support available in private FB Group

  • Investment: $500 for the whole course

Expect to let go of

Unhealthy lifestyle habits
Negative thinking patterns
Anxiety, worries and fear
Limiting self beliefs
Low self-esteem
Poor diet and junk food

Wellness Consultation

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with me to assess your current lifestyle and any health concerns you may have. We will discuss your goals and review how I can support you in achieving and sustaining these for long-term wellness.