Yoga Testimonials

Yohanna has such a healing presence. I walked into my private yoga session with her feeling disconnected from my body, fatigued, and just generally “off” physically. Within 15 minutes I felt my vitality and life force returning and was able to slow down the chatter in my mind and just BE. Afterward I felt more energized and peaceful than I had in weeks. She has this way of making a healthy lifestyle feel totally doable and her in-depth knowledge of nutrition, yoga, and holistic healing is incredible.
— Rebecca Rubin, US
Yohanna is a loving and kind person. She puts a lot of effort and energy into her yoga classes and you can feel this; in the music and words she has selected for each class. I also love that she adjusts me into the correct position which helps me to grow and get better at my practice. I feel super energized after her classes
— Vanessa Fischer, Germany
Yohanna’s yoga class is a beautiful experience. Yohanna gently guides you through a powerful yoga practice, but the class is more than just yoga. Her calm and grounded presence puts you at ease and creates a safe place for practice. It is within this safe space that Yohanna guides you with her voice through a powerful moving mediation. Although the class had many participants, I felt alone with my true self. She is able to provide hands-on readjustments for the body and a meditation practice for the mind. She is truly invested in each and every student that shows up to class. Yohanna’s class is one that I will never forget. I am grateful for her teachings.
— Miranda Brna, US

Wellness Coaching Testimonials

Yohanna is so real and genuine that you feel safe talking to her about all of your emotional shit. She’s super non-judgmental and amazing at helping you to feel safe yet empowered to create whatever it is you want. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to heal their body, make healthy choices from a place of self-love, and consciously create a beautiful life!
— Rebecca Rubin, US
Yohanna´s health coaching sessions has helped med enormously. Very honest and frank person. She has a non-judgemental character about her that inspires honesty, just not with her but with myself. She is both holistic and intelligent. Through her session I have learned how to find more balance into my life and useful tool to maintain it.
— Genevieve Ogilvie-lee, Mexico
Yohanna has a a very wholesome view on how to be healthy and happy at the same time. You can quickly tell that she has deep knowledge about nutrition. She is trying to find a solution for you that is tailored for the specific needs and wishes that you have. Working with her made it so much easier for me to work towards a more balanced lifestyle!
— Maja Hamberg, Sweden