Yoga & Wellness Retreat - Tulum, Mexico.
3 - 10th of March and 7 - 14th of April, 2019.

Immerse yourself to the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness in the spiritual wellness community Holistika. Discover Tulum from the lens of a local and be a part of a unique experience in the magical Mayan Jungle. This escape has been curated for ambitious women to explore mindful living in a transformative and restorative environment. A retreat designed to nurture mind, body & soul.

Release & Rejuvenate - Nösund, Sweden.
11-14th of July, 8-11th of August and 22-25st of August, 2019.

Disconnect to reconnect with your breath, body & mind through yoga, meditation and special workshops tailored to stressed & exhausted souls. A truly healing environment and practice will facilitate learning and understanding of yourself and how to manage stress, your everyday life and challenges without burning out.